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"Every Business needs an Online presence to thrive. We could see how a 'digital divide' was building between large and small Business and we wanted to change that"

Mission Statement
We help small Businesses grow with simplified customer relationship management, eCommerce, digital payments, and loyalty solutions.  No mobile Apps and no websites are required. With Message My Customer we enable Businesses to be digital with everyday Messaging Apps such as WhatsApp.  

How can Small Businesses thrive in a Digital ‘mobile first’ world?  
Engaging Customers online is expensive and challenging for SMEs to maintain. Many Businesses look to develop Mobile Apps which are expensive to maintain and very few consumers will download a small business app. In a market study by Heady.io, 91% of consumers hate installing an App to do business, but companies still make an App install a necessity to do business with them.   

Since the start of the COVID19 pandemic, there has been a rush towards rapid digital enablement even though there are a multitude of point solutions in the market it is difficult for a small Business to select and combine these different products into a seamless solution. And the costs of each of these solutions add up for a small Business particularly when, for example eCommerce solutions, which are expensive and take high percentage of a small Business’ revenue.  

An alternative is Messenger Apps such as WhatsApp, which are ubiquitous, accepted and ready for business. These applications deliver an excellent and well known user experience with security and flexibility which when coupled with the essential digital features allows small Business to thrive in a digital world. This high growth channel is what is known as conversational commerce and until now was mainly used by only the largest organisations but we are here to change that.

How it Works
Message my Customer is a software-as-a-service fintech solution that enables small and medium Business to use Messenger Apps like WhatsApp for Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce Store, Loyalty, and Digital Payments.  Our key value proposition is no Apps, no Website for a small business to go Digital, for a small monthly subscription fee. Our solution consists of: Portal with workflow engine to guide small business owner through setup. An eCommerce store with simple upload of product & services catalogue. Digital payment options - Stripe, Paypal, Google & Apple Pay, Banks Each business given a local mobile number, QR code and Web plugin. Consumers can buy products & services and pay through their preferred Messenger App.  

About Us
Message My Customer Limited was founded by 3 friends, with a history of successful exits, in 2021 to help small Businesses thrive in a digital world. The founding team have over 80 Years product management, development, Business development and sales.  Our unique value proposition is that Businesses no longer require their Customers to download an App but can engage with their Business through their preferred messenger App to order, pay and even get loyalty rewards.

We look forward to a bright digital future as Message My Customer delivering digital services to businesss of all shapes and sizes through our brand Payemoji (www.payemoji.com)


Omnichannel Messaging
Messages interactions between consumers and Business across an array of different everyday messaging apps. Delivering "conversational commerce" to small and medium Business.
Interactive Menus
Converting Customer engagement via messaging Apps to interactive menus allowing a controlled Customer journey with all the features of a mobile App.
Workflow Manager
Allows Businesses to manage Customer journeys and the content and flow of interactive menus. Demystifying building an application.
Customer Management 
The core benefit of conversational commerce is engagement with the Customer and we provide the tools to manage and maintain these relationship and drive greater sales.
A fully featured eCommerce shopfront so Businesses can sell online with calls to action from our omnichannel messaging Customer engagement tools.
A key feature of any Digital solution is online payments and we deliver through world leading and trusted providers across credit cards and other popular payment methods.
Grow your business
Engage with your customers using everyday messaging apps and increase engagement, retention and conversion. Conversational commerce is here. No mobile apps required.
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