Enterprise and Public Sector

Engage customers and members of the public through message apps, with custom journeys and integrations to meet any use case.

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Custom workflows to solve customer problems

We work with you to create messaging workflows that deliver positive outcomes for your customers and users


By eliminating manual data-entry steps in the support process, you can significantly multiply time savings for your IT team. With Payemoji You can remove multiple steps or fully resolve customers' issues through messaging.

Live Updates

Establish a connection to your delivery API to enable customers to access live delivery status updates via messaging apps..


Create custom surveys to gather valuable data from customers and employees through messaging apps. Use it to create a powerful alternative to forms with an input history readily available to both the user and your company.

Lead Generation

Supplement your standard contact pages and channels with a more personable, conversational approach.


Supplement your standard contact pages and channels with a more personable, conversational approach.


Custom API Integrations

We will integrate our service into your back end systems from accounting software, Point of Sale, public APIs, legacy systems etc. We will work with you to make sure our service works E2E for your service.

Use Cases

Enterprises & Public Sector Use Cases

  • Aviation
    Airlines, Airports, Freight

  • Public Transport
    Buses, Trams, Trains

  • Automotive Services
    Rental Cars, Private Hite, Taxis

  • Banking and Financial Services
    Payments, OTPs

  • Delivery Logistics and

  • Hotels and Hospitality
    Books rooms, Check/Out, FAQs,
    Local Services

  • Retail and F&B
    eCommerce, Digital Concierge

  • Hospital, Healthcare, and

  • Insurance
    Claims, status updates, policy details

  • Manufacturing
    includes After-Sales and Product
    Warranty Registration

  • Connected Buildings, PropTech, and Facilities Management

  • Smart Campus

  • Smart Home/IoT

  • Service Providers
    includes Telcos and ISPs

  • Utilities and Energy Companies

  • Parking Meters

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